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The remains of the Danes

The Caribbean, as we know, is a part of the world with a long, complex, and quite often unpleasant colonial history. We also know who the...

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The magic mountain

When I was very young — too young to remember — I experienced a rite of passage common to Virgin Islands children: I was pinched by my...

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La Vaughn Belle: big art from a small place

On one of the historic backstreets of Christiansted, St Croix, artist La Vaughn Belle is chasing a dream she’s had for as long as she can...

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Caribbean Datebook (May/June 2014)

St Lucia Groove to the rhythm Twelve days. Over fifty entertainers and artists. One of the Caribbean’s loveliest landscapes for a...

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Tiphanie Yanique: “A sense of place and a sense of self”

I’ve been writing as long as I have a memory. When I was five, I thought I wrote a novel. It was probably the alphabet over and over...

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Caribbean Snack Time

Island-hopping through the Caribbean is a marvellously diverse pastime, and there comes a time when preparing a full meal just seems like...

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Taking on the America’s Cup

Out of a late-night drinking session in the island of St Thomas came a most challenging proposition. Shooting the breeze during the annual...

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