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Mehndi stories | Portfolio

Through a special collaborative project, Dr Gabrielle Hosein explores how the Indian art of mehndi uniquely commemorates the legacies of Indian indentured labourers who arrived on Caribbean shores some 186 years ago

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Life Between Islands | Art buzz

A Tate Britain exhibition — that aims to feature the new identities, communities and cultural varieties shaped by the Caribbean diaspora in Britain — moves to the Art Gallery of Toronto through 1 April

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Kinetic art | On view

Shelly-Ann Inniss previews the kinetic art exhibition, Symphonic Synchrony — Two Heads are Better Than One

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A Cazabon mystery solved | On this day

James Ferguson uncovers the story behind an intriguing work by Michel-Jean Cazabon, Trinidad’s first great painter — with a little unexpected help from Caribbean Beat

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Hew Locke: making mas with the messiness of history | Portfolio

Andre Bagoo profiles the award-winning Guyanese-British contemporary artist Hew Locke, whose latest commission is on show at the Tate Britain

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Making Shakespeare Mas in Venice | Art buzz

This year, Grenada is making its fifth consecutive appearance with a national pavilion at the prestigious Venice Biennial (La Biennale di Venezia), which runs through November. We talked to artist and Grenada Pavilion Commissioner Susan Mains to learn more

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