Caribbean Beat Magazine

Information for contributors

Caribbean Beat welcomes material for review, as well as contributor proposals from writers, illustrators and photographers. Please read the following information for more detailed information, and what to do next if you think your work would be a good fit.

Submissions which do not meet these guidelines and requirements may not be considered.


Caribbean Beat runs a Caribbean events calendar in each bimonthly issue, covering major events and festivals in the region. If you would like to have your event considered for inclusion, please send us the details (date, location, cost, and description of the event) at least three months in advance. For more, feel free to contact us.


Books, CDs & DVDs

Caribbean Beat reviews new, recent, and forthcoming books, music, films and other material for and about the Caribbean for a wide cross-section of readers of Caribbean interest. The material submitted typically should be as yet unreleased, and/or not more than 6–12 months old. Some exceptions may be made in compelling circumstances. Scholarly works typically are only reviewed when they might be relevant to non-specialist readers.

If you are a publisher or copyright holder of qualifying material and you would like to submit your title for consideration, please send us an email query at the first instance clearly listing the title (and subtitle where appropriate), author’s/artist’s name, publisher’s/producer’s name and full contact information, release date, price, as well as a biography of the artist and any other relevant details. Should the book be appropriate for review, we will then ask you to send a digital copy of the work to us.

NB: Hard copies of books will not currently be accepted unless hand delivered locally to our office in Trinidad.

For more, feel free to contact us.

Contributor proposals

Submission process

Most published material is commissioned, often on the basis of a proposal from a writer, illustrator, or photographer, though we are do consider on-spec material without commitment, particularly if it is a package of good writing plus good illustrations and/or photography. We generally do not consider proposals for subjects which we have covered in recent issues. Payments for both photographs and editorial are made after publication, and are subject to the terms laid out in our Contributors Agreement.

What we’re looking for

Photography & illustrations

The magazine depends heavily on good pictures and illustrations, and buys stock material and commissioned photography as necessary. All photos should be 300 dpi, and clearly captioned.


Contributors must be able to address a broad audience, and write insightfully and readably. We need lively, entertaining writing combined with a serious and informative approach to subject matter, and top-quality photos and illustrations. Caribbean Beat prefers to work with authors based in the Caribbean and the diaspora, though all proposals which meet our guidelines will be considered and kept on file.

It is essential for features to be strongly written, well researched, with a light and readable style, laced where possible with vivid description, humour, anecdote or human interest. We consider feature articles of up to 1,200 words (occasionally, a bit longer) on any subject of general Caribbean interest, as well as shorter pieces about current events, etc.

The point of view should be that of a well-informed insider writing about the things the Caribbean does best. The magazine’s readership consists partly of Caribbean travellers who already know the region well, and partly of holiday and business travellers coming into the Caribbean, many of whom are unfamiliar with the region except for the stereotypes.


All material is subject to editing changes at the editor’s sole discretion. Major changes or rewrites will normally be discussed with the author. Where extensive editing or rewriting is required, the magazine reserves the right to make adjustments to the author’s fee.

For more, feel free to contact us.