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Published since 1992 by MEP Publishers as the in-flight magazine first for BWIA and then for Caribbean Airlines, Caribbean Beat is the Caribbean’s leading magazine on Caribbean arts, culture, and society. We marked its 25th anniversary with its March/April 2017 issue (#144), and published its 150th issue in March/April 2018.

Beat is a magazine about the real Caribbean – a general-interest, pan-Caribbean publication, produced in the West Indies by Caribbean people. The magazine’s original mandate was to get behind the familiar stereotypes of the region and diaspora to show how rich Caribbean life really is — our music, art, dance, books, sport, fashion, design, festivals, history, environment, people, lifestyle. It’s a mandate we’ve stayed true to for over a quarter century, making Caribbean Beat the only magazine of its kind, and an ongoing resource for students, researchers, and lovers of all things Caribbean.

This is the region’s most widely-distributed magazine, committed to the highest editorial, ethical, and production standards. In addition to its distribution on Caribbean Airlines planes and via print subscriptions, the magazine is also reproduced in full on the website (including a near-complete digital archive of the magazine), and on MEP’s Issuu, Magzter, and Yumpu accounts.


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The Caribbean Beat production team

•  Kriston Chen is part of the design team at MEP. He also runs a risograph print and design space at Granderson Lab in Belmont called Toof Press, and on weekends teaches community stilt-walking in a backyard space called Alice Yard.

•  Evelyn Chung is a Business Development Manager (Tobago & International) for Caribbean Beat, Discover Trinidad & Tobago, and MEP’s publications. Originally from Venezuela, she has lived in T&T for over 20 years, working both in the publishing industry, and as a scuba instructor and director at the dive shop (Undersea Tobago) that she co-founded with her husband, Derek.

•  Kristine de Abreu is MEP’s second editorial assistant, freelance writer, and travel journalist in her spare time. Prior to working with MEP, she served as an intern at Peepal Tree Press in the UK and became a staff writer for Explorersweb.

•  Tracy Farrag is a business development representative (Trinidad sales) for Caribbean Beat, Discover Trinidad & Tobago, and MEP’s publications. As a former flight attendant and an avid traveller, she never leaves a Caribbean Airlines flight without the latest edition of Beat. Tracy also works as a film producer, and has an irrepressible enthusiasm for life and country.

•  Shelly-Ann Inniss is the Editorial & Design Assistant at MEP. Originally from Barbados, she’s an adventure-seeker with a background in both finance and media.

•  Nicholas Laughlin is the editor of Caribbean Beat and The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB). He is also one of the admininstrators of the contemporary arts space Alice Yard and the Bocas Lit Fest (The Trinidad & Tobago Literary Festival). His reviews, essays, and poems have been published in various periodicals.

•  Mary Joanna Marsden is the Executive Director at MEP. She has worked extensively as CEO and President of some of Trinidad & Tobago’s top companies, and is equally committed to volunteering with NGOs which promote the economic, educational, and physical development of women.

•  Halcyon Salazar (MEP General Manager) has extensive experience and training in communications and management, and worked for many years as assistant general manager at the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian. She has also worked with Pier 1, GEM Radio, Music Radio 97, and radio stations in Florida, USA. She also supervises sales for all MEP publications.

•  Jacqueline Smith (Production Manager) manages production and distribution at MEP, itogether with some administrative and accounting duties, including subscriptions to Caribbean Beat.

•  Caroline Taylor (Web Editor, Staff Writer) writes for Caribbean Beat, and manages the website and online presence for the magazine and all MEP’s publications. She also moonlights in the performing arts.

•  Jeremy Taylor (Chairman of MEP • Founding Editor) worked as a teacher in England, Kenya and Trinidad after completing his MA at Cambridge University before becoming a freelance journalist and commentator, contributing to a wide range of media including the BBC and the London Times. He edited the Caribbean Chronicle and BWIA Sunjet before co-founding MEP in 1990. Some of his articles and broadcasts were collected in Going to Ground (Prospect Press, 1994), and he wrote a guide to Trinidad and Tobago, Masquerade, for Macmillan (1986, 2nd edition 1991). He is the founding editor of Discover Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean Beat; and currently contributes to The Caribbean Review of Books, and edits ENERGY Caribbean, the Trinidad and Tobago Business Guide, and select client projects.

•  Kevon Webster (Design & Layout Artist) is the design and layout artist at MEP, and has worked on Caribbean Beat‘s design for over 10 years. He also co-manages the Caribbean Beat website.

  • cbeat119_cover
  • Martiniquan filmmaker Euzhan Palcy, twenty-five years after she appeared on the cover of the first Caribbean Beat. Photo ©Yannick Coupannec/Leemage
  • A young fancy sailor at rest during Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Photo by Abigail Hadeed
  • Jamaican reggae artist Chronnix. Photo by Nickii Kane
  • Two classics of Old Havana: a vintage car  parked beside a baroque colonial-era building. Photo by Delpixart/
  • Bequia‘s colourful coconut boats. Mauritius Images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
  • Trinidadian jazz musician and composer Etienne Charles. Photo by Maria Nunes
  • Tobago-born musical legend Calypso Rose. Richard Holder, courtesy Stonetree Records/Maturity
  • The greatest Caribbean athlete of all time? Jamaican Usain Bolt is definitely a contender, as he defends his Olympic titles at the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
  • For wildlife watchers in Guyana, a glimpse of an elusive jaguar is a majestic prize. Photo by Pete Oxford
  • Bunji Garlin, Trinidadian soca superstar. Photo by Jonathan Mannion Photography
  • At Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls the Potaro River plunges 741 feet into a sandstone gorge. Photo © Pete Oxford /
  • cbeat130_cover
  • The view from a beach near Soufrière includes Petit Piton, one of the twin volcanic peaks that are icons of St Lucia. Photo Danielle Devaux
  • cbeat127_cover
  • Issue 124
  • Up-and-coming Grenadian track star and potential Olympic medallist, Kirani James. Photo Getty Images/Michael Steele
  • Courtesy Heather Headley
  • Photo portrait by Marlon James, background by Markus Gann/Shutterstock, digital imaging by MEP
  • Marlon Rouse