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Caribbean Beat Reader Testimonials

We’ve had some really remarkable feedback about Caribbean Beat over our more than 25 years of publishing. Here are just a few of the messages we’ve begun compiling.


“I’m a great fan of [Caribbean Beat] this popular, widely read magazine, which is world class: good writers, a wide range of interesting subjects, lavish illustrations and sophisticated design and production.”
Dr. Bridget Brereton, the Trinidad & Tobago Express, 9 May, 2012


“It was a sad day for many when Bee Wee…came to the end of a long, safe, if somewhat financially strapped career in aviation, not least for those who enjoyed reading the airline’s informative and entertaining in-flight magazine, Caribbean Beat. Although Bee Wee is no more, there was no keeping a good in-flight magazine grounded too. Caribbean Airlines picked up where Bee Wee left off, and proceeded to celebrate the revival of what some have described as one of the world’s best in-flight magazines.”
Anne Hilton, the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday, 24 January, 2008


“I have always admired the language, the intellectual depth and the honest sturdiness of Taylor’s writing; it is graceful, decisive, informed and stimulating-qualities so hardly present as a group within the current multitudes… Because he writes so searchingly about the T&T that is very recognisable still, no matter what has changed, the book [Going to Ground] has a particular poignancy…it is certainly worth reading.”
Vaneisa Baksh, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, 12 December, 2008


“Very proud to be able to contribute to this venerable publication. Caribbean Beat is a treasure for the region and the Caribbean diaspora.”
Franka Philip, Trinidad & Tobago


“One of our national treasures. If I don’t travel over a two month period I ask friends who travel to bring my copy for me. It’s always full of exciting stories about people and places in our region.”
Hetty Sarjeant, Trinidad & Tobago


“I’ve always thought the Caribbean Beat to the best magazine I’ve come across in the Caribbean. It competes fabulously with magazines anywhere in the wolrd and is the best aeroplane magazine ever – great quality articles, quality photographs, wonderul mix of information and articles. Always, always, it is interesting. Unbelivable covers…just everything about the magazine shouts ‘quality’ – I love it. I always take it off the plane, if I can take more than one (so that I can give my family one) I do. I give my nieces and nephews who are at school and always encourage them to check out the images etc. You can tell I’m your biggest fan I’ve been collecting them for the last four years… Don’t ever distill the quality of that magazine.”
Joan Belfon, Jamaica


Caribbean Beat is one of the best and most enduring magazines capturing Caribbean culture.”
Sandra Sealy, Barbados


“Everyone has benchmarks for themselves, and aspirations they develop as their career grows. For me as a young teenage writer living in Trinidad, I wanted to write books and I wanted to write for magazines. I decided early on two of them I wanted to contribute to – Rolling Stone and Caribbean Beat. Rolling Stone being Rolling Stone, and Caribbean Beat being the official airline magazine of Trinidad and Tobago, the magazine in every back pocket of a BWIA (which is now Caribbean Airlines) plane seat. I wanted to write for Caribbean Beat because the best known writers of the diaspora contributed to its pages and their articles were always engaging and great. It’s like the best writers of the Caribbean writing about the most significant Caribbean luminaries and experts in their respective fields… Through the years, I pitched one or two stories there but my career has taken me in a different direction. I began to focus less on pitching to print and more on building my name and reputation online. And now, instead of writing FOR Caribbean Beat, I’ve found myself being written ABOUT in the pages of Caribbean Beat. Which is a wonderful turn of events indeed.”
Patrice Grell Yursik, Afrobella, Chicago, USA


“What a lovely magazine [Caribbean Beat]…Thank you for honoring me with the selection of my work!”
Janice Levy, New York, USA


Caribbean Beat is, by far, the best in-flight magazine I have ever read, and arguably the best magazine in the Caribbean today. I hope that both the ‘real’ food and Caribbean Beat will continue to be offered on Caribbean Airlines.”
Sandra Barnes, Trinidad & Tobago


“Like many others, I consider Caribbean Beat the best in-flight magazine I’ve ever come across. It is an encyclopaedia of Caribbean life and culture, a magazine one actually reads on the flight and often takes home, where it goes on to become a well-thumbed collector’s item.”
Skye Hernandez, Trinidad & Tobago


“Caribbean Beat equals much more than an in-flight magazine. Keeping culture alive.”
Matthew L Bishop, Sheffield, United Kingdom


“Great magazine! Good job!”
Tanisa Samuel, Jamaica


“Another excellent issue of the magazine [Caribbean Beat]. The consistently high quality over the years is extraordinary. Glad to see Carl Gabriel getting the recognition he deservers – a great artist and a nice man too. Good to see a contribution from Ray Funk too – another who keeps the spirit of T&T culture burning bright.”
Stephen Spark, Balham, United Kingdom


“The magazine [Caribbean Beat] has always been a remarkable production and continues to be so.”
Verne Guerin, Trinidad & Tobago


“I am pleased that Caribbean Beat will continue as the inflight magazine for Caribbean Airlines in January. As a frequent flyer I am always pleased to see Caribbean Beat on the aircraft and read it from cover to cover, sometimes more than once. I am truly impressed with the quality of the magazine.
Randy Depoo, Trinidad & Tobago


“It took me a few weeks, but I finally made it onto an official Caribbean Airlines flight…happy to see one of my favourite parts of the experience, the Caribbean Beat inflight magazine, is still there unchanged.”
Lifespan of a Chennette


“Available for free online, the Caribbean Beat magazine is a must have periodic publication if you want to understand about the culture of this warm and sunny part of the world. Music, painting and other art subjects are regularly tackled. The magazine also focuses on historic facts to let the visitors know about the cultural wealth of the region. And as an in-flight magazine of the Caribbean Airlines, the pages contain travel guides, presenting not only towns and famous sandy destinations, but also less known regions. Before travelling to the Caribe Islands, you have to read the datebook to schedule your journey.”


“This [Caribbean Beat] is one of the most informative inflight magazines. Not only on places of interest but our Caribbean peoples – whether art, investment, craft, tourism or revelry! LOVE IT!
Rosemarie Ganpatsingh Choosheenam, Guyana


“I tell my family when they travel abroad do not bring me back anything save the magazine on the plane. I always find Caribbean Beat is the best. There is always an article that stands out for me.”
Bernadette Lai Tan, Trinidad & Tobago


“The magazine [Caribbean Beat] for the true Caribbean experiences and happenings.”
Jacinth Stevenson, Jamaica


“Great medium [Caribbean Beat] for allowing others to know what’s happening in the Caribbean in business, technology, events and all else. Thank you.”
Jennifer Jackson, Trinidad & Tobago


“The cover of the magazine [Caribbean Beat] is award-winning fabulous. I have it next to my bed, thrilled with the genius of it. You know that I am your biggest fan. Keep up the GREAT work people. Love the magazine – love it, love it!”
Eden Ballah, Trinidad & Tobago


Caribbean Beat magazine is so well-written and the photos are wonderful!”
Kathleen Elder, Washington, DC, USA


“Thank you for the excellent work. I will become a subscriber to this important magazine [Caribbean Beat].”
Michael Gilbert


“I have always been very impressed and consider Caribbean Beat an excellent Caribbean travel magazine. At present I would say it is the best thing for Caribbean Airlines.”
Andy Parris


“I’ve always thougth the Caribbean Beat to the best magazine I’ve come across in the Caribbean. It competes fabulously with magazines anywhere in the world and is the best inflight magazine ever. Great quality articles, quality photographs, wonderul mix of information and artciles, unbelievable covers. Everything about the magazine shouts ‘quality’. I love it. I always take it off the plane; if I can take more than one (so that I can give my family one) I do!”
Dora Cox


“I’m tremendously proud of the magazine. For the past twenty-five years, Caribbean Beat has featured, documented, archived, and highlighted the accomplishments of Caribbean icons throughout the region and our diaspora. Caribbean Airlines is an authentic Caribbean brand. And Caribbean Beat is exactly that. It’s a natural, harmonious alliance. These two authentic elements are fused to represent the uniqueness of the Caribbean, in our ability to connect people. There’s a consistency and authenticity to that partnership.”
Ligoure, Caribbean Airlines

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