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As we begin to hope for a safe return to island-hopping through our beautiful region, we dream of the people to meet, food to savour, and adventures waiting to fill our memory cards! In our new April edition of Wanderer—a fresh digital platform from Caribbean Beat magazine—we connect with some travel influencers and showcase some of their—and our—favourite Caribbean experiences. Ready to (re)discover more?

Letitia Wright | Backstory

Growing up in Guyana, Letitia Wright never imagined a Hollywood career. But after a string of stage and TV roles and early recognition of her talent, her casting in the blockbuster movie Black Panther was the break every actor hopes for, says Caroline Taylor

Letitia Wright’s Hollywood career has taken her far from her birthplace in Guyana — but the actress is proud of her roots. Photo by Picture Capital/Alamy Stock Photo