Author: Janine Mendes-Franco

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Bridging the divide | Portfolio

This year, Caribbean artists will have their biggest ever presence at two of the world’s most significant contemporary art events — the Venice Biennale and documenta fifteen. Janine Mendes-Franco learns more

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Trinidad Carnival is love | Backstory

This year’s Trinidad Carnival season is once again a time of uncertainty, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. But while lovers of the festival dream of spectacular Carnivals to come, they also cherish memories of Carnivals past. Janine Mendes-Franco, Mark Lyndersay, Laura Dowrich, and Caroline Taylor share their treasured Carnival memories in this year’s instalment of “Carnival is love”

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A bank in your pocket, Haitian style

Mobile phones can do such impressive things these days that the ability to talk to another person seems almost secondary. Voice calls?...

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Caribbean memes: meme what you say and say what you meme

Mass media capitalising on topics of discussion in wider society? It’s hardly unprecedented. Take one long-running 1990s advertising...

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