In their native Mexico, the Caribbean, and around the world, brilliant red poinsettias say Christmas is here. Photo by Beautiful Lotus/

Issue 173 (November/December 2022)

The latest issue of Caribbean Beat celebrates the diaspora’s people, food, history and culture in a special way! Learn about Trinidad-born singer and actress Melanie La Barrie’s Broadway debut; and explore the work of celebrated Guyanese-British artist Hew Locke. Meet emerging creatives like Tobagonian designer Trishelle Leacock and Barbadian dancer Gina Mayers. Revisit the landmark life and work of Jamaican Harlem Renaissance poet and Bolshevik revolutionary Claude McKay; and discover the long-abandoned town in Dominica (La Soye) which may fundamentally change our understanding of the island’s history. Learn some of the fascinating origins of some of our favourite festive foods, and how we can all break bread together over the holidays — no matter what our dietary restrictions. Globally, take a deep look at why and how Caribbean leaders are taking a much tougher stance at the COP27 climate conference and beyond. And, as always, get up to speed on the latest regional events, book and music releases, and more!

At Christmas time, there are countless iterations of eggnog and ponche crema (or punch a creme) you can savour across the Americas and Europe. Photo by Rimma Bondarenko/

Food for thought | Did you know

The Caribbean is full of words with fascinating origins and histories — including those for our favourite festive foods. University of the West Indies linguistics lecturer Dr Jo-Anne S Ferreira shares some insights, and why what some consider linguistic “corruptions” are really preservations and innovations — as told to Caroline Taylor

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