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Tavares Strachan: hidden figures | Closeup

The imaginative power of art meets the materials of science in the continuously innovative works of Bahamian Tavares Strachan, which meditate on history’s unsung heroes, writes Andre Bagoo

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Immerse, Arts, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Nicole Awai: out of the depths | Closeup

“Multiplicities” — of subject, form, and even medium— abound in the work of Trinidad-born artist Nicole Awai. She draws on personal memory, communal history, and sites of the imagination like Trinidad’s famed Pitch Lake, writes Andre Bagoo

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Immerse, People, Literature, Trinidad and Tobago

The Miseducation of Merle Hodge | Backstory

Trinidadian writer Merle Hodge began her career by publishing what would become a beloved Caribbean classic, Crick Crack, Monkey, in 1970. Five decades later, as she prepares to publish her third novel, Hodge tells Andre Bagoo what took so long — and what drives her interest in capturing the often confusing experience of Caribbean childhood on the page

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The rightest place | Portfolio

“Art has to transform,” says Blue Curry. The London-based Bahamian artist puts unlikely objects into new contexts, writes Andre Bagoo — and sometimes out of place is where things belong

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Embark, Festivals and Events

Need to know | Events calendar (July/August 2019)

Essential info to help you make the most of July and August across the Caribbean — from Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica to Carifesta in T&T

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Immerse, Arts and Architecture, People

Jean-Ulrick Désert: look and look again | Closeup

Born in Haiti, currently based in Berlin, Jean-Ulrick Désert may be a citizen of the world — but his ideas are shaped by his Caribbean roots. A kind of discomfort that makes you look closer is key to this artist’s work, writes Andre Bagoo

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Immerse, People, Literature, Trinidad and Tobago

Vahni Capildeo: shapeshifter, time traveller

“When my name was announced, it was as if time split and there was a parallel universe in which some other, ‘real’ poet was receiving...

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Wild as the wind: the Pointe-à-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

Nothing here is as it seems. Lotus flowers and water hyacinths sit serenely on the water, but they belie large roots that absorb, entrap,...

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