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Little cups of cocoa from Trinidad | Discover

Trinidad & Tobago has long been at the forefront of cocoa research and production globally. Sharda Patasar looks at the critical work being undertaken at the University of the West Indies’ Cocoa Research Centre, the International Cocoa Genebank, and Rio Claro Demonstration Station

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Vance Umphrey: “Living a dream” | Snapshot

American musician and educator Vance Umphrey on the love of steelpan that brings him to Trinidad Carnival year after year — as told to Attillah Springer

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Soca gold — soca music turns 50 | Backstory

It’s been 50 years since soca music emerged in Trinidad & Tobago. Nigel A Campbell looks back at the birth and evolution of the music that’s become the soundtrack to Caribbean carnivals around the world — and continues to seek a commercial life beyond it

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Shynel Brizan: “You have a special power when you are on stilts” | Own words

Two-time Queen of Carnival Shynel Brizan on how she got into stilt-walking and moko jumbie mas; balancing the demands of Carnival with motherhood; and the experience of winning her second title last year while four months pregnant — as told to Caroline Taylor

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Two paths, one Tobago | Destination

Tobago is an island of contrasts that offers a range of distinct experiences for visitors. Some like to be in the centre of the action and follow the well-beaten paths to Tobago’s best-known attractions. Others prefer quiet escapes, far from the madding crowds, and as close to being off-grid as possible. Aisha Sylvester introduces both sides of Tobago so you can pick your paradise!

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Towards more sustainable festivals | Green

With their ephemeral nature and reliance on a great number of “single use” materials, Erline Andrews looks at how Caribbean diaspora festivals can become more environmentally sustainable — and at some of the organisations leading the way

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Trishelle Leacock: voyage of discovery | Fashion buzz

Tobago-born, US-based designer Trishelle Leacock — a former national track and field athlete — has sprinted into the world of fashion design. And she’s already turning heads, earning recognition in Marie Claire and Essence magazine earlier this year. She shares more about her brand (Kaiso. Swim), and her new collection, VOYAGE. — as told to Shelly-Ann Inniss

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