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Easter time in the islands | Round trip

Five regional travel influencers (Cindy Allman, Samantha Gittens, Shea Powell, Stephen Bennett, and Francesca Murray) share their favourite things about Easter time across the Caribbean — as told to Shelly-Ann Inniss

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Patrick Chamoiseau: Return of the Creole

I had expected somebody aggressive, abrasive, doctrinaire. I was prepared to be lectured, to be put in my place. If the truth be told, I...

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Memories of Martinique

On board the mail ship that docked at the picturesque harbour of St Pierre, Martinique, one July morning in 1887, was a strange-looking man...

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The Bibliothèque Schoelcher: a Library For All | Parting Shot

Overlooking the Place de la Savane, the ornate Bibliothèque Schoelcher is Fort-de-France’s main public library, and a monument to the...

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Caribbean volcanoes: fire down below

La Soufrière caldera St Vincent The highest peak in St Vincent — rising to 4,049 feet above the sea, near the island’s northern tip...

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Easter fare

Christianity — Roman Catholicism in particular — has played such a huge role in the history of the Caribbean that five centuries after...

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Market day

San Antonio Green Market Santa Cruz, Trinidad In the lush valley north-east of Port of Spain, organic farmers and artisanal food producers...

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Earthy delights

Andromeda Gardens Bathsheba, Barbados Near a steep cliff overlooking the island’s east coast, Barbados’s best-known garden began as the...

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