Issue 131 (January/February 2015)




Market day

Across the Caribbean, the freshest produce, best bargains, and often the friendliest advice can still be found at traditional markets. Here are six worth exploring, ranging from Dominica to Curaçao to French Guiana
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St Kitts & Nevis: five centuries in two days

St Kitts and Nevis may be the smallest independent nation in the Americas, but every inch of its landscape is roiling with history. Garry Steckles suggests a two-day tour covering five hundred years of Caribbean life in miniature, from the first British colonial settlement to the beginning of the tourism industry
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Travels with islands

The British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, born a century ago, is best known for his books on Central Europe and Greece. But his Caribbean travel narrative The Traveller’s Tree stands apart for its curiosity about ordinary lives. James Ferguson rereads this classic
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