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About that Sahara dust… | Discover

Are we getting more of it than we had been in decades past? Will we get more of it with climate change? What are the impacts on the environment, humans, and wildlife? And how has Barbados become a hub for this kind of atmospheric research? Erline Andrews investigates

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Saving Caribbean mangroves | Green

Tree-planting, reforestation, and ensuring the integrity of our waterways are all critical to preserving mangroves — the remarkable forests with the power to protect us from the worst effects of climate change. Erline Andrews learns more

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As nature intended | Escape

Across the Caribbean, there are awe-inspiring reserves that allow natural ecosystems to thrive. Whether hiking, diving, wildlife watching, or just sitting quietly allowing nature to bring you back in to balance, here are five escapes for your bucket list

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For seven generations to come | Green

The Caribbean has a plastic pollution problem. But, reports Karen McDonald Gayle, community groups have been leading the way to ensure we can continue to enjoy our beautiful bodies of water

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Michai Robertson: “It really did feel like a dream team” | Own words

Antiguan lawyer Michai Robertson on his journey to the world’s most important climate negotiating tables; the landmark UN Loss & Damage Fund; and the Caribbean women who made it possible — as told to Caroline Taylor

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The Kanuku Mountains, Guyana | Natural wonder

Discover what makes the Kanuku Mountains Protected Area so special

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Saving the Caribbean’s butterflies | Discover

Erline Andrews reports on the invaluable work being done in Jamaica to document and protect these beautiful, critically important pollinators

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