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Wonders of the Caribbean | Round trip

Discover some of the region’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, parks and reserves

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Peak to peak | Bucket list

Towering over the Caribbean’s often-photographed beaches and bays are gruelling hikes to challenge even the hardiest outdoor adventurers. Kristine de Abreu takes you up the island peaks that summon the most intrepid among us

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The good life | Round trip

Even in hard times — and 2020 brought more than its fair share — the Caribbean is one of the sweetest places on earth, thanks to beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm, generous people

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Go wild | Round trip

Soaring mountains, rushing rivers and waterfalls, rainforests teeming with life, and savannahs stretching to the horizon — the Caribbean has so many amazing natural landscapes to explore. What better time to experience the life-giving adventures of the great outdoors?

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Caribbean volcanoes: fire down below

La Soufrière caldera St Vincent The highest peak in St Vincent — rising to 4,049 feet above the sea, near the island’s northern tip...

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Out of the ashes

The “Emerald Isle” of the Caribbean is getting its colour back. After five years under the grey blanket of an active volcano,...

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Goat water in Cudjoe head

Montserrat is best known for the Soufrière Hills Volcano, which erupted in 1997 and buried its capital, Plymouth. But that natural...

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Volcano is boss: Montserrat after the Soufrière Hills eruption

“It came upon us very suddenly one night — 18 July, 1995. It sounded in Plymouth as though a big jet was landing. It was roaring,”...

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