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Victoria Linares: “It gave them a sense of being seen” | Screen buzz

Victoria Linares’ second feature, which screens at this year’s T&T Film Festival, continues the filmmaker’s assured manipulation of artifice and performance — exposing cinema’s seductive lies — to arrive at deeper truths. She talks to Jonathan Ali about the process

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Peak to peak | Bucket list

Towering over the Caribbean’s often-photographed beaches and bays are gruelling hikes to challenge even the hardiest outdoor adventurers. Kristine de Abreu takes you up the island peaks that summon the most intrepid among us

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Head for heights | Round Trip

There’s nothing like the thrill of a higher perspective, far above the ground — from ziplining to rock-climbing to floating in a hot-air balloon. Get ready to soar

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No money, no love

Laura Amelia Guzmán is recounting a story that would make any filmmaker shiver with dread. Last November at the International Film...

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Bookshelf (March/April 2002)

PICK OF THE MONTH Collected Poems 1937-1989 A. J. Seymour, ed. Ian McDonald & J. de Weever (Blue Parrot Press 2000, 303pp) Small birds...

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Leticia Tonos: love story

On 23 September, 2013, an extraordinary event occurred in the Dominican Republic. In a ruling viewed throughout the Caribbean and beyond as...

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Stand apart: Kristy Collado

As a child in the Dominican Republic, designer Kristy Collado found the process of bringing her ideas to life simply magical. Today her...

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Walking With the Conquerors in the Dominican Republic

I had forgotten one important thing about Santo Domingo. Its ability to surprise. By that I don’t really mean to imply that...

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