Author: Jonathan Ali

Film and Television, Guadeloupe

“Vertigo is a state of anxiety bordering on madness” | Screen buzz

Jonathan Ali talks to Malaury Eloi Paisley of Guadeloupe, director of L’Homme-Vertige: Tales from a City

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Film and Television, Music, People, United Kingdom, Jamaica

Reel & come again | Backstory

As a new biopic of Bob Marley hits screens worldwide, Jonathan Ali explores the rich cinematic history of reggae music and culture through six iconic films

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Film and Television, Dominican Republic

Victoria Linares: “It gave them a sense of being seen” | Screen buzz

Victoria Linares’ second feature, which screens at this year’s T&T Film Festival, continues the filmmaker’s assured manipulation of artifice and performance — exposing cinema’s seductive lies — to arrive at deeper truths. She talks to Jonathan Ali about the process

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Arrive, Film and Television, People, French Guiana

Audrey & Maxime Jean-Baptiste: when images speak | Backstory

For sibling filmmakers Audrey and Maxime Jean-Baptiste, their family history in French Guiana and historic image archives were equally important sources for their latest film project. Jonathan Ali learns more

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Embark, Film and Television, People, Haiti

Q&A with Esery Mondesir | Screenshots

Haitian filmmaker Esery Mondesir discusses his documentary triptych exploring the lives of his compatriots in the diaspora

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Embark, Film and Television, People, Cuba

Q&A with Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez | Screenshots

Cuban filmmakers Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez discuss their collaborative film charting a lifelong friendship

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