Author: Jonathan Ali

Culture, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

Aloo, bhaji, curry

There was a time when no self-respecting Trinidadian housewife would be caught dead using a recipe book. Following a written recipe was...

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Culture, Film and Television, Reviews, Trinidad and Tobago

DVD Reviews – May/June 2010

Has there ever been a promotional campaign so intense for a film this short? Months before it was screened, a buzz began to grow around the...

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Culture, Film and Television, Reviews

Film Reviews (September/October 2011)

Season of discontent On February 26, 1970, a small group of mostly young people marched through the streets of Port of Spain. They were...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, Suriname

Nyan Switi in Suriname

I love bang-bang. No, not the song by Cher. Bang-bang (say “bong-bong”) is a type of fish, also known as grey snapper. At the Zus en Zo...

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