Author: James Fuller

Festivals and Events, Sports

The games are coming

“We want a repeat of the Beijing Olympic 100 metres final right here in Port of Spain – minus the Americans of course.”...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Getting the Pigeon Point

Everyone is familiar with the picture-postcard image of the carat-thatched hut on the jetty, but Pigeon Point has far more to offer than...

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Culture, Film and Television, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Through Carib eyes

“Our ancestors have been written out of history,” says Tracy Assing, writer and director of The Amerindians and herself a descendant of...

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Culture, Sports, Trinidad and Tobago

She shoots, she scores

Ask where’s the venue for 2010’s biggest football tournament, and most people will reply “South Africa” – where the World Cup was...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

The Need for Speed: Caripass

No more waiting in immigration queues, and hassle-free entry and exit from Caricom countries. Does it sound too good to be true? Well,...

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Culture, Business, Canada, Caribbean Diaspora

RBC & RBTT: Bank on a bigger future

“It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m a better banker now, as a result of the experiences of the last year,” says Suresh Sookoo,...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Montserrat

Goat water in Cudjoe head

Montserrat is best known for the Soufrière Hills Volcano, which erupted in 1997 and buried its capital, Plymouth. But that natural...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Buddie Miller: hunter captured by the game

“Being out along one of the forest streams of the Northern Range in the moonlight…there are very few things that compare with it,”...

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