The Bahamas

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Where Next? | Bucket list

After almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, who doesn’t want a break? Here at Caribbean Beat, we feel just the same. As 2021 draws to a close, and we look forward to the year ahead, members of the magazine team tell us what place in the Caribbean they’d love to visit for the first time, and why

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Just like the movies | Round trip

From Hollywood classics like Fire Down Below and Heaven Knows, Mr Allison to innovative independent projects by local filmmakers, the Caribbean’s diverse landscapes have appeared in numerous movies over the decades. Join us on a tour of some unforgettable locations across our region that have brought life and colour to the cinema screen

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Blue Holes National Park, the Bahamas | Bucket list

The limestone island of Andros is home to one of the Caribbean’s most unusual landscapes

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The good life | Round trip

Even in hard times — and 2020 brought more than its fair share — the Caribbean is one of the sweetest places on earth, thanks to beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm, generous people

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Telecommuting island-style | The Deal

A handful of Caribbean countries have made it easy for international professionals to work remotely from balmy tropical climes. Natalie Dookie gives the details

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Go wild | Round trip

Soaring mountains, rushing rivers and waterfalls, rainforests teeming with life, and savannahs stretching to the horizon — the Caribbean has so many amazing natural landscapes to explore. What better time to experience the life-giving adventures of the great outdoors?

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The Caribbean we love | Round trip

The world’s best beaches, stunning mountains, forests, and waterfalls, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine — there are many reasons the Caribbean is one of the world’s most desired tourism destinations. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought many travel plans to a halt, temporarily — but as lives gradually return to normal, it’s once again possible to plan for your dream vacation. When you’re ready to head out and experience the world, the islands of the Caribbean will be ready to greet you

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