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Blue Holes National Park, the Bahamas | Bucket list

The limestone island of Andros is home to one of the Caribbean’s most unusual landscapes

  • The blue holes dotting the landscape of Andros are both tranquil and eerie. Photo courtesy the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation
  • Exploring the deeper reaches of one of the blue holes by scuba. Charles Stirling (Diving)/Alamy Stock Photo

Largest of the Bahamas, Andros — actually an archipelago with three main islands, lying due west of New Providence — is home to numerous natural wonders. There’s its barrier reef, the world’s sixth longest, and the Tongue of the Ocean, a magnificent undersea trench reaching to depths of almost seven thousand feet. Andros is also home to the world’s greatest concentration of blue holes — flooded limestone sinkholes that dot the landscape, surrounded by pine forests. These geological formations are a habitat for unique fauna, protected by the 40,000-acre Blue Holes National Park, and they offer a thrilling experience for swimmers willing to plunge into their azure depths.