St. Martin

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St Maarten’s SXM | Prepare for landing

There’s nothing like the anticipation of preparing to land in your favourite destinations

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The good life | Round trip

Even in hard times — and 2020 brought more than its fair share — the Caribbean is one of the sweetest places on earth, thanks to beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm, generous people

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Word of mouth (Mar/Apr 2018)

The bright colours of Guyana’s Phagwah celebrations mingle into a shade of unity, and Sint Maarten’s annual Carnival defies the ravages of Hurricane Irma

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Not just a shoppers’ paradise

Discover Sint Maarten and Saint Martin Where else in the world can you get two countries and cultures for the price of one? Where you can...

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St Martin: an island like a new world

Sitting at the Tropicana, my favourite bistro in Marigot’s Marina Royale, awaiting my moules flown in that day from France, sipping my...

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Double your pleasure: Sint Maarten or Saint-Martin

In or around March 1684, the story goes, on the island Columbus is supposed to have named for St Martin of Tours (the indigenous...

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Spice of life

Few things rouse stronger patriotic feelings than national cuisines. Every Caribbean territory boasts about its own celebrated dishes, none...

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