Puerto Rico

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Back of beyond | Round trip

The Caribbean has plenty of bustling cities and popular beaches — but when you really want to get away from everything, you can also find tranquil hideaways, from tiny coastal villages in Tobago and Dominica to the indigenous settlements of Guyana’s Rupununi

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Old San Juan | Bucket list

One of the Caribbean’s oldest cities has a historic centre famous for its architecture and culture

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Eye on the sky — from Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory | Discover

For five decades, one of the world’s most important radio telescopes, gathering essential information about outer space, has operated from Puerto Rico’s Arecibo, at the heart of the Caribbean, writes Erline Andrews

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Pasito a pasito: Daddy Yankee & Luis Fonsi | Backstory

The Caribbean musical hit of 2017? That’s “Despacito”, the steamy song by Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which has been breaking records all year. Nazma Muller investigates its runaway success, and explains why “Despacito” has roused controversy for more than its lyrics

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A cave with a view | Parting Shot

High above the valley of Puerto Rico’s Rio Grande de Arecibo, a system of caves in the limestone cliffs serves as a home for a colony of...

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Ponce, Puerto Rico

Streetscape The municipality of Ponce sprawls from the southern coastal plain of Puerto Rico up to the heights of the Cordillera Central,...

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Vieques: playing Crusoe

“And you, sir, how much do you weigh?” The agent at the check-in counter looked up from her paperwork and gave me an assessing stare....

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