Flowering cacti, a characteristic part of the Curaçao landscape, against the brilliant blue sea surrounding the island. Photo by Irina Naoumova/Alamy Stock Photo

Issue 160 (November/December 2019)

3rd Ghetto Biennale, 2013: street procession with sculpture by André Eugène. Photo by Lazaros, courtesy Ghetto Biennale

The Ghetto Biennale: when art is defiance | Backstory

Ten years ago, a group of artists in Haiti launched an audacious, even provocative, project: the Ghetto Biennale, drawing international attention to the creative community in Port-au-Prince’s Grand Rue. The event’s tensions and discomforts are at the heart of its mission, writes Nixon Nelson, as the Ghetto Biennale prepares to stage its sixth edition

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Photo by Matthijs Kuijpers/Alamy Stock Photo

For the sake of a lizard | Green

The gem-like colours of the tiny Union Island gecko — a lizard found only on one small island in the Grenadines — are why it’s so highly coveted by the exotic pet trade. As Erline Andrews reports, hopes for the endangered gecko’s survival depend on new conservation efforts, and a push for eco-tourism

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