Author: Philip Sander

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Curaçao diary | Destination

An unexpected flock of flamingos, traditional architecture, a hike with incredible views, and beach after glorious beach — Philip Sander samples the delights of Caribbean Airlines’ newest destination

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Need to know | Events calendar (Mar/Apr 2019)

Essential info to help you make the most of March and April across the Caribbean — from music festivals to Holi poems to Jamaica’s Champs athletics extravaganza

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Immerse, Music, Trinidad and Tobago

Every Trinidad Road March ever — and our top 10

Of the 80+ songs that have won the official Road March title at Trinidad Carnival, some are little remembered, some have become “back-in-times” favourites, and a few are considered landmarks — whether for their musical qualities or for trends they ushered in. Here are all the recorded Trinidad Carnival Road March winners from 1930 up to the present — and our picks for an all-time Road March top 10

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Word of mouth (Nov/Dec 2017)

Why Jean-Michael Basquiat is a posthumous art star, how the Sunset Festival in Trinidad is changing Caribbean dance music, and where to end 2017 with a truly big bang: Paramaribo

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An Aegean Sea archipelago diary | Travellers’ Tales

Monday Homer described it as “wine-dark,” an epithet classical scholars still puzzle over. But from the open deck of the ferry, the...

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Word of mouth (September/October 2016)

Lit city September brings New York City’s biggest free literary festival — with Caribbean writers always in the mix. Nixon Nelson gives...

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Between the Pitons in St Lucia

In an archipelago of achingly beautiful islands, these twin peaks — perfect sheer-sided cones, rising abruptly from the sea — may be...

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Suriname: one country, four continents

It’s the kind of clichéd joke travel writers sometimes make, when they want to emphasise the obscurity of a place. Country X was so...

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