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An ocean of possibility | Discover

Tiger sharks in The Bahamas helped scientists uncover the largest known expanse of seagrass in the world. Vast and valuable, they’ve become a secret weapon against climate change. Erline Andrews reports on the opportunities — and challenges

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Asa Wright: the phoenix of the Arima Valley | Backstory

Janine Mendes-Franco maps the rich history of Trinidad’s renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre — and how it may now point the way to the island’s eco-tourism future

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Keeping history above water | Discover

Erline Andrews reports on the work to protect the Caribbean’s distinct built heritage from the escalating impacts of climate change

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Future-proofing the Caribbean | The deal

The Caribbean’s tremendous biodiversity can power dynamic blue and green economies, writes James Ellsmoor, and become a hub for nature-based solutions

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Can your vacation go green?

Short answer: yes it can. Racquel Moses of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator shows the way — and why sustainable tourism is so critically important to the Caribbean economically, culturally, and ecologically

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Little cups of cocoa from Trinidad | Discover

Trinidad & Tobago has long been at the forefront of cocoa research and production globally. Sharda Patasar looks at the critical work being undertaken at the University of the West Indies’ Cocoa Research Centre, the International Cocoa Genebank, and Rio Claro Demonstration Station

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Small island states or large ocean nations? | Green

James Ellsmoor of Island Innovation looks at the invaluable opportunities Caribbean nations have to become leaders in global marine conservation and build vibrant blue economies

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K2K mas in the metaverse…and beyond | Plugin

Trinidad’s K2K has been innovating with their mas designs since debuting their award-winning medium Carnival band in 2012. Now they’ve moved into the NFT and metaverse landscape. Karen and Kathy Norman, the twin designers and investment bankers behind K2K, talk about what this means for mas — as told to Caroline Taylor

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