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Archaeology’s eye in the sky | Discover

For centuries, much of the evidence for Mayan civilisation has been covered in dense rainforest. Now new developments in LiDAR technology have made it possible for archaeologists to do sophisticated aerial surveys — revealing tens of thousands of previously unknown structures. Erline Andrews learns more

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Go deep: six of the Caribbean’s best dive sites | Round Trip

From coral reefs teeming with aquatic life to dramatic shipwrecks, from underwater canyons to sinkholes and caves, the warm waters of the Caribbean can boast some of the world’s most thrilling sites for scuba diving — like the six memorable locations in the following pages

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San Pedro, Belize

Streetscape One of those laid-back Caribbean towns where no building is taller than a coconut tree, San Pedro has grown in recent decades...

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And my octopus is in my pocket

Diving Belize’s great barrier reef It was when I saw that palm tree go sailing through the air that I really began to question what I...

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The coral gardens of Belize’s Cockroach Caye

Rarely do tropical island-dwellers praise hurricanes, so Leigh and I listen when Carlos Miller explains how the periodic storms help...

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Andy Palacio: bard of the Garifuna goes home

Andy Palacio, Garifuna cultural activist, ambassador and world music star, died suddenly on January 19, after a massive stroke and heart...

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Faster, higher, deeper: eco adventure in the Caribbean

FASTER RALLY ROUND Standing on a hill near the end of the Sailor’s Gully stage, he asks, “Know why our Bajan rally drivers do so well?...

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Quiet heroes

Karen Mahy calls FirstCaribbean International Bank’s Unsung Heroes programme “dear to my heart” in one of her emails, and this...

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