Tennis champ Naomi Osaka plays for Japan, but she cherishes her Haitian roots. Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Issue 158 (July/August 2019)

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Fire up | Cookup

When it comes to cooking, there’s nothing more elemental than an open fire, says Franka Philip — who talks inspiration from two popular Instagram chefs as she plans a meaty menu for her grill

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Heat and noise, colour and chaos: Santiago de Cuba’s July Carnival overwhelms all the senses. Photo by Torukojin/

Santiago — carnival city | Explore

Santiago, Cuba’s second-largest city, has long been a hotbed of culture — and it comes to a blaze each July, as Santiago’s unique annual Carnival, centred on the feast of St James the Apostle, takes over. Donna Yawching explains the historical roots of Santiago Carnival, and why it’s a time of year when no one expects to get much sleep

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The view from the top of the Canaa pyramid at Caracol, a key Mayan site in Belize. Photo by Vetlana Bykova/

Archaeology’s eye in the sky | Discover

For centuries, much of the evidence for Mayan civilisation has been covered in dense rainforest. Now new developments in LiDAR technology have made it possible for archaeologists to do sophisticated aerial surveys — revealing tens of thousands of previously unknown structures. Erline Andrews learns more

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Illustration by Rohan Mitchell

Get a kick | On this day

Kick ’Em Jenny sounds like a comic name, but for the scientists who study this underwater volcano, first recorded eighty years ago, it’s no laughing matter. The Caribbean was shaped by its volcanoes, says James Ferguson, which created our mountainous island landscapes — but can also wreak havoc

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