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Archaeology’s eye in the sky | Discover

For centuries, much of the evidence for Mayan civilisation has been covered in dense rainforest. Now new developments in LiDAR technology have made it possible for archaeologists to do sophisticated aerial surveys — revealing tens of thousands of previously unknown structures. Erline Andrews learns more

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Stories of steel — the future of the steelpan | Panorama

Carnival is the season of steelpan. But behind the Panorama stage, the future of T&T’s national musical instrument will be shaped by administrators, craftspeople, arrangers, and educators — like these men and women profiled by writer Sharmain Baboolal and photographer Mark Lyndersay

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Create Caribbean: tech to the people | Plugin

Founded by scholar Schuyler Esprit, Dominica’s Create Caribbean was well on its way to making tech tools for education available to all. Then Hurricane Maria hit. Lisa Allen-Agostini discovers how the digital humanities project is putting the pieces back together

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Next stop: space | Discover

As more and more entrepreneurs look towards space exploration, it’s still almost unknown outside the industry that one of the world’s busiest launch sites is on the doorstep of the Caribbean. Erline Andrews learns how French Guiana’s half-century-old spaceport is essential to our future exploring the galaxy

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Cooking APP a storm

What do most people do these days when they want a recipe? In the old days – the 20th century – they’d probably look in a...

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The games are afoot | Snapshot

Video games aren’t just for teenagers to have fun — globally, they’re a highly lucrative business, requiring state-of-the-art technical know-how, creative flair, and significant investment. Mark Lyndersay meets the minds behind Couple Six and Coded-Arts, video game developers in Barbados and T&T, whose agenda includes creating games that reflect the culture of their home islands

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The energy of the future: renewables in the Caribbean | Green

Nelson Island — a tiny fragment of land less than one mile off the northwest coast of Trinidad — is a focal point of the island’s...

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Electric Avenues

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve cars. My father and I used to play a game called “guess that car” — down to the year of...

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