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Doubles with slight | Food buzz

A love match introduced South African Bridget van Dongen Cadet to doubles, Trinidad’s beloved street food. And it was an affair to remember. Some 15 years later, she and her Trini husband opened their own doubles stall — in Antigua! Shelly-Ann Inniss learns more

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Rum: the Caribbean’s precious elixir | Try this

Cayman Islands-based Food Network chef Dylan Benoit celebrates the region’s favourite spirit, and offers a sinful rum-infused recipe

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Hungry yet? | Did you even know

Consider yourself a true foodie? How much do you know about Caribbean culinary traditions? Let our trivia column put you to the test

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Need to know | Event calendar (Nov/Dec 2021)

Essential info to help you make the most of November and December — even in the middle of a pandemic

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Natural healing | Discover

For generations, Caribbean people have used local plants — leaves, seeds, roots, and more — for medicine. But scientific research into these folk remedies has lagged behind. At the University of the West Indies campus in Mona, Jamaica, the pioneering Natural Products Institute is working to change that, Erline Andrews learns

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Contemplating St Lucian Cocoa

To drink St Lucia’s thick, fragrant and famous cocoa tea for the first time is to discover something a little strange and absolutely...

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A Christmas diary | Cookup Classic

Christmas presents can be a problem — but perhaps the solution is in your very own kitchen, Anu Lakhan discovers. This piece was originally published in Issue 70 (November/December 2004)

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