Author: Lisa Allen-Agostini

Engage, Technology, Dominica

Create Caribbean: tech to the people | Plugin

Founded by scholar Schuyler Esprit, Dominica’s Create Caribbean was well on its way to making tech tools for education available to all. Then Hurricane Maria hit. Lisa Allen-Agostini discovers how the digital humanities project is putting the pieces back together

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Engage, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

The Just Because Foundation — a promise to JB

The wall beside Chevaughn Joseph’s desk at Mt Hope Paediatric Hospital in Trinidad is covered with pictures. One is a child’s...

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Engage, Culture, Lifestyle, People, Guyana

Karen de Souza and (Red) Threads that bind

Today, the Guyanese women’s advocacy group Red Thread is one of the Caribbean’s best known in the area of gender justice and equality,...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, People, Trinidad and Tobago

The man Brian MacFarlane

Last Carnival, Brian MacFarlane won a beaver trick for the Band of the Year (Large) at the mecca of mas, the Queen’s Park Savannah,...

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Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Marlene NourbeSe Philip: “Paradise comes with a price”

I was born (in 1947) in Tobago, in Woodlands, Moriah, and went to school there until I was eight. Then my dad moved us to Trinidad. He was...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Grenada

Grenada’s brown gold: organic cocoa

Grenada is known as “the Spice Isle”, but the island’s artisan organic chocolate has won awards – and fans – among lovers of the...

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Culture, History, Grenada

School in the sun: Grenada’s St George’s University

Taking a visitor on a tour of St George’s University (SGU), communications officer Prudence Greenidge observes, “We’re in a...

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Culture, Theatre and Dance, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Rhythms of our people

They walk on stage in a tinkling, shimmering shower of bells, and then there is silence. The lights come up. “Ta-ta-ta-te-ta….”...

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