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Alana Rajah: devoted to the dance | Backstory

Originating in south India almost two thousand years ago, Bharatanatyam, a major classical dance form, is little known in Trinidad, where most Indian cultural traditions are rooted in the north of the subcontinent. Alana Rajah has set out to change that. Trained at the Kalakshetra school in Chennai, her goal is to establish Bharatanatyam in her home country — adapting and improvising as needed. Sharda Patasar learns more

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Alicia Alonso: forever prima | Backstory

How did Havana come to be one of the world’s leading centres of classical ballet? Nazma Muller tells the story of prima donna assoluta Alicia Alonso, and her influence on generations of Cuban dancers

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Natalie Reis: flamenco flame

Natalie Reis always knew she had rhythm. A Trinidadian of Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Scottish, African, Carib, and Dominican...

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Theatre and Dance, Trinidad and Tobago

Heart of Steel

Fourteen years after its premiere in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Derek Walcott’s musical Steel finally makes it to the Trinidad stage with...

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Theatre and Dance, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Theatre Workshop: still searching

Forty years, in any enterprise, should spell security. In the case of a theatre, a roof over one’s head perhaps, and a sense of knowing...

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Dominique Le Gendre — Shakespeare and me

The English have been busy making a new recording other most famous playwright, William Shakespeare – all 38 of his plays....

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Word of mouth (September/October 2016)

Lit city September brings New York City’s biggest free literary festival — with Caribbean writers always in the mix. Nixon Nelson gives...

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Barbadian Shakirah Bourne — living the Dream

“It was a dream come true!” The words may sound clichéd, but there’s nothing ordinary about the pure joy radiating from the young...

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