Issue 108 (March/April 2011)

Salsa, speedboats and shopping: Mark Lyndersay flies in to south Florida • Jonathan Ali sees contrasting sides of Suriname in the city and the rainforest • MacFarlane: The designer who has dominated Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival since 2005 talks to Lisa Allen-Agostini • Machel Montano: The former wild child of T&T Carnival explains his lifelong spiritual quest to Laura Dowrich-Phillips • Trinidad-born Roger Mooking is in demand in Canada as a chef, TV host, singer-songwriter…Donna Yawching tells his talents • Each year, with drums and fire, a struggle for emancipation is re-enacted on the streets of Port of Spain. Ray Funk and Jeffrey Chock witness this renewed tradition • Essiba Small surveys the soca scene • The story of T&T’s steelbands is now preserved in an archive of precious photos. Kim Johnson on how they were collected • Patrick Parson tells Donna Yawching how he brought Afro-Caribbean dance to Toronto • Melody Wren took the plunge and visited the world’s first underwater sculpture park, in Grenada • She tells it like it is. That’s why Tanya Stephens is one of Garry Steckles’ favourite singers • and much more…

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