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Vieques: playing Crusoe

“And you, sir, how much do you weigh?” The agent at the check-in counter looked up from her paperwork and gave me an assessing stare....

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Caribbean Datebook (September/October 2014)

New York Breakaway on the parkway You live in North America, but didn’t make it back to the Caribbean for any of this year’s Carnivals?...

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Ponce de León and the water of life

Of all the anniversaries in Caribbean history that fall in 2008 (and there are many, not least the 1808 abolition of the slave trade) there...

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Hot nights in San Juan

Latinos have perfected the melding of sensuality and mysticism in the ritual of the salsa dance. July 2006 will see 1,500 congregants from...

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Caribbean Datebook (May/June 2014)

St Lucia Groove to the rhythm Twelve days. Over fifty entertainers and artists. One of the Caribbean’s loveliest landscapes for a...

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Back and fort

Castillo San Felipe del Morro San Juan, Puerto Rico; 16th century UNESCO World Heritage Site Dating back to 1539, El Morro is reputed to be...

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Caribbean Datebook (March/April 2014)

Trinidad and Tobago Put on your mas The Trinidad and Tobago calendar revolves around Carnival, many would say. In the years when Carnival...

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Loretta Collins Klobah: “I want to write poetry that is alive”

Perhaps I should start with the bomba. When a bomba dancer in Puerto Rico enters the dance floor, she advances to face the drummer, whom...

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