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“Vertigo is a state of anxiety bordering on madness” | Screen buzz

Jonathan Ali talks to Malaury Eloi Paisley of Guadeloupe, director of L’Homme-Vertige: Tales from a City

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Playlist (May/June 2021) | Music reviews

This month’s listening picks from the Caribbean — featuring new music by Anthony Joseph; Delgres; various artists on Project Spotlight; and Annicia Banks

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Bookshelf (Mar/Apr 2021) | Book reviews

This month’s reading picks from the Caribbean, with reviews of Inheritance: The Story of a West Indian Family by Ian McDonald; of colour by Katherine Agyemaa Agard; My Mother’s House by Francesca Momplaisir; and The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana by Maryse Condé

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Kelly Sinnapah Mary: Riddles of survival | Portfolio

Working across mediums, Guadeloupean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary creates images with a fairytale quality, mingling cruelty and enchantment, as she explores postcolonial dilemmas and the resistance of self-invention, writes Shereen Ann Ali

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Secret islands: the “undiscovered” Caribbean

There are more than seven thousand different islands in the Caribbean, according to the reference books, most of them tiny by any standard....

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Kassav: Doctor Zouk

Drums roll. A powerful voice shouts through the microphone: “Zzet veni pou” What did you come for? And the whole place seems to...

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