Seeking serenity at Animal Flower Cave near the northernmost point of Barbados. Photo courtesy Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Issue 159 (September/October 2019)

Photo courtesy Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Five days in Barbados | Destination

Heading to Barbados? Of course you’ll hit the beach. But there’s much more to this island of twenty-one by fourteen miles — as this itinerary compiled by Shelly-Ann Inniss makes clear. Get ready for adventures on the hiking trail, underground, on a historic railway — and that’s just to start

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Image by lavizzara/

The climate change countdown | Green

For decades, climate scientists have warned us about the consequences of global warming — and small island states like those in the Caribbean are especially vulnerable. 2017’s Hurricane Maria was just a taste of what the coming decades will bring, reports Erline Andrews, unless significant resources get directed to efforts to protect threatened coastlines and reefs

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