Rainforests of Suriname | Bucket list

To experience nature at its wildest, head inland from Paramaribo to one of Suriname’s extraordinary rainforest lodges

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  • Suriname map

Like neighbouring Guyana and French Guiana, Suriname — with its population of 570,000 concentrated near the Atlantic coast — retains vast areas of wilderness, with eighty per cent of the country still covered with tropical rainforest — a canopy of green stretching as far as the eye can see, home to uncounted species of flora and fauna, threaded with hundreds of rivers. This wilderness region is also home to indigenous Amerindian and Maroon settlements, and a handful of rustic lodges — some of them community-run — where visitors can experience both the thrill and the calm of nature at its most intense, less than an hour’s flight from Paramaribo.

Caribbean Airlines operates daily return flights to Johan Pengel International Airport in Paramaribo from Trinidad, with connections to other destinations in the Caribbean and North and South America

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