St Maarten’s SXM | Prepare for landing

There’s nothing like the anticipation of preparing to land in your favourite destinations

  • Photo by byvalet/Alamy Stock Photo

Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten (SXM)

If you’re heading to this island of two nations — the Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint-Martin — you’ll probably be landing at SXM, where the runway skirts the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Maho Beach, at the end of the runway, is a bathing spot full of drama. As the planes swoop down right overhead, you may even be tempted to duck. For many tourists, a visit to this island isn’t complete until they experience one of those spectacular landings, with the jet engines roaring and stirring up a cloud of sand … Hold on to your belongings if you don’t want them blown into the sea!

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