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Carnival is love | Backstory

T&T Carnival is tradition and originality, ritual and rebellion, the sacred and the profane — and a million love stories. Here are three of them, from Attillah Springer, Amanda Choo Quan, and Georgia Popplewell

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Carnival backstage | Closeup

Carnival is a time to shine: from performers on the soca and calypso stage to costumed masqueraders in the street and fete-goers showing off their most acrobatic dance moves. But “the greatest show on earth” wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of the many thousands who work behind the scenes — year-round or seasonally — on the organisation and logistics of the festival. Laura Dowrich-Phillips and Georgia Popplewell meet four of the people whose backstage efforts make Carnival happen

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Unfinished Sentences: the inheritance of loss | Snapshot

Trinidadian filmmaker Mariel Brown set out to make a straightforward documentary about her writer father. But as Unfinished Sentences evolved, it turned into a nuanced exploration of grief, family, and artistic ambition, writes Georgia Popplewell

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Georgia Popplewell: “In my dreams, my travel journals look like illuminated manuscripts” | In the bag

Georgia Popplewell — Trinidadian writer, media producer, and frequent traveller — on one essential item in her luggage: a decent notebook

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Living the life: a guide to Antigua and Barbuda

The sun is going down as the plane swoops low over St John’s towards the airport. Its golden light washes Antigua’s rolling hills, the...

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FIFA comes to Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago is an old hand at staging large-scale events. Each year the country’s famous Carnival erupts in a whirlwind of rhythm...

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Upbeat | Music Reviews (September/October 2000)

Pick of the Month Bring Down the Power by Ella Andall Ella Andall’s music is closer in spirit to the African protest sound of singers...

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Donna Symmonds: “what she know about cricket?”

“On the last day South Africa were 122 for two, needing only 201 to win, and there was this feeling, obviously, that the West Indies...

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