Author: Simon Lee

Festivals and Events, Dominica

The comic, the thief and the Commissioner of Police

I wasn’t too pleased when I found out I’d have to share my guesthouse room in Dominica. I was there to cover the World Creole Music...

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Travel, Culture, Suriname

The beating heart of Suriname

On the bank of a slow sliding brown river, Javanese gamelan musicians play the halting melody of the Jarakapang, or Horse Spirit Dance....

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Music, Culture

Mizik A Nou — the Caribbean music scene

On a July night, while darkness stalks New York’s Central Park, 12 men dressed in black shackle their hands with silver manacles....

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Reviews, Culture, Music

Upbeat | Music Reviews (September/October 2000)

Pick of the Month Bring Down the Power by Ella Andall Ella Andall’s music is closer in spirit to the African protest sound of singers...

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Music, Culture, Festivals and Events, St. Kitts and Nevis

!Viva el Caribe! Looking back at Carifesta 2000

It’s an August Friday night in the Leeward island of St Kitts. The previous night, Warner Park in Basseterre, possibly the best...

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Arts and Architecture, History, St. Lucia

Potted history

Caribbean handicrafts — from canoe building to basket making, lace embroidery and vaudou flags — combine function, aesthetics and...

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Music, People, Jamaica

Bongo Herman — The Sacred Drum

Mi na beat drum, mi play wid notes. When oonoo beat drum oonoo beat woman too. Oonoo mek all type a noise. King David say fi play pon yuh...

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Music, Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad’s Panazz players Panshots take one: Derek Walcott Square, Castries, St Lucia. A scorching May high noon in Jazz Festival...

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