Issue 40 (November/December 1999)

Alex de Verteuil reports on the finds of archaeologists searching for clues on Amerindian history in the Caribbean; Jamaican pastor Bobby Wilmott counsels Chris Salewicz on saving Trench Town and Jane Bryce is informed about a controversial musical being staged in Barbados. Plus a profile on Antigua and Barbuda and Sean Drakes’ photographs Radical Designs. And of course, all the rest in Caribbean treasures, news, recipes and all the rest.

Views of the Gasperee Pot, which was found by a diver in seas off Port of Spain in 1990. Photograph by Alex De Verteuil

Spirit of the Americas

Recent finds have thrown new light on the Caribbean’s rich Amerindian past. But lack of funds for archaeology, and new development on many islands, mean we’ll continue to lose much more than we preserve. Alex de Verteuil explains
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