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Ana de Armas — chasing the dream | Snapshot

Cuban actress Ana de Armas may seem like an overnight success, but behind her rise to stardom are fifteen years of hard work, starting at Havana’s famous theatre school. Caroline Taylor says her biggest successes are still to come

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Naomi Osaka: a Haitian-Japanese star on the rise | Snapshot

For anyone who likes easy answers to questions of identity, Naomi Osaka is a conundrum: half-Haitian, half-Japanese, raised for part of her childhood in New York City, visibly hybrid. As Caroline Taylor learns, Osaka hasn’t always been comfortable with the role of mixed-race role model — but she’s learning to embrace it, on her own terms

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Letitia Wright | Backstory

Growing up in Guyana, Letitia Wright never imagined a Hollywood career. But after a string of stage and TV roles and early recognition of her talent, her casting in the blockbuster movie Black Panther was the break every actor hopes for, says Caroline Taylor

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Jeanine De Bique: “It doesn’t matter where you come from” | Own words

Jeanine De Bique, Trinidad-born classical singer, on the influence of her upbringing, and why Trinis “could do anything” — as told to Caroline Taylor

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Winston Duke: “I’m unfinished” | Own words

Tobago-born actor Winston Duke, appearing in the eagerly awaited Black Panther movie, on his love of stories and magical realism, how his village childhood shaped his ethos, and his love of soca music — as told to Caroline Taylor

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Word of mouth (July/August 2017)

Long days by the beach Suzanne Bhagan remembes the lazy charms of “August holidays” in Mayaro Mayaro Beach: a swathe of brown sand...

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Tobago therapy

You may be forgiven for thinking that Carnival is an ever-present phenomenon in both Trinidad and Tobago at this time of year. But what if...

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Caribbean Hollywood: 40+ actors of Caribbean heritage

Caribbean actors have been lighting up Hollywood screens for decades — even if you don’t recognise their accents. Caroline Taylor looks back at the first generation of Caribbean movie and TV stars, and profiles some of today’s headliners who can claim Caribbean roots

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