Author: Suzanne Bhagan

Embark, Festivals and Events

A tale of two flowers | Word of mouth

On the other side of the world from Trinidad & Tobago, Suzanne Bhagan experiences the Japanese cherry blossom spring festival, and remembers the golden poui trees that bloom at home

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Embark, Festivals and Events, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago

Word of mouth (July/August 2017)

Long days by the beach Suzanne Bhagan remembes the lazy charms of “August holidays” in Mayaro Mayaro Beach: a swathe of brown sand...

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Embark, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

Soup without borders

In Trinidad and Tobago, corn soup is not a dish you cook for yourself. When you make a big, steaming pot, you call your friends and family...

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