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A movement of Maroons | Inspire

Descendants of Maroon peoples in the Caribbean diaspora have been working tirelessly to be recognised as Indigenous. Attillah Springer takes us inside this important work

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Need to know | Event calendar (Sept/Oct 2021)

Essential info to help you make the most of September and October — even in the middle of a pandemic

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An ABC for SVG | Explore

Twenty-six ways to experience the best of St Vincent and the Grenadines — in alphabetical order

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Far and near — Milton Kam | Panorama

Suriname’s indigenous communities walk a line between the traditional and the contemporary, distance and proximity — documented in a new book of photographs by Milton Kam

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Archaeology’s eye in the sky | Discover

For centuries, much of the evidence for Mayan civilisation has been covered in dense rainforest. Now new developments in LiDAR technology have made it possible for archaeologists to do sophisticated aerial surveys — revealing tens of thousands of previously unknown structures. Erline Andrews learns more

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St George’s, Grenada | Neighbourhood

One of the Caribbean’s most picturesque cities, Grenada’s capital is full of historic architecture and stunning views — and is a growing centre of attraction for lovers of high-end chocolate

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Karasabai, Guyana: Makonaima’s treasure | Offtrack

Karasabai, a Macushi community in Guyana’s Pakaraima Mountains, is rich in wildlife and legend alike, writes Annette Arjoon-Martins

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Road Town, Tortola | Neighbourhood

A year and a half after the devastation of Hurricane Irma, the capital of the British Virgin Islands is back in the business of welcoming visitors

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