Masquerader Ricardo Felicien of the devil band Rhapsody in Blue, based in Paramin, Trinidad. Devil mas has been a tradition in his family for generations. Photo by Maria Nunes

Issue 155 (January/February 2019)

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Coco Loco | Cookup

A longtime traditional ingredient in Caribbean cuisine, coconut is enjoying a new popularity, thanks to health trends. Franka Philip considers the potential for culinary innovations. Coconut flour, anyone? Coconut vinegar?

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Washed into the ocean, plastic bags can be mistaken by sea turtles for jellyfish, part of their regular diet. Photo by Rich Carey /

The plastic wars | Green

Plastic pollution is a growing danger to the environment, to wildlife, and to ourselves. As Jamaica implements the first major plastics ban in the Caribbean, Erline Andrews learns about its possible impact — and pitfalls

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