Author: Raymond Ramcharitar

Engage, Culture, Environment, Science

Saved by microbes | Discover

Trinidadian microbiologist Adesh Ramsubhag is a pioneer in researching potentially revolutionary uses of the Caribbean’s native microorganisms, writes Raymond Ramcharitar

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Engage, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Arif Bulkan: standing up for rights | Inspire

In a recent book, the US anthropologist David McDermott Hughes accused Trinidadians and Tobagonians of having a blind spot for the defining...

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Engage, Culture, Technology, Trinidad and Tobago

Patrick Hosein: the quiet innovator

We use the World Wide Web and our cellular phones, frequently simultaneously, like recently evolved appendages. We can barely imagine going...

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Culture, People, Guyana

Sydney Allicock: the man from Iwokrama

As he stood before the large audience at the main ballroom at Hilton Trinidad in April, Sydney Allicock, clad in a simple white shirt with...

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Culture, People, Dominica

Lennox Honychurch: icon of the island

Driving around Dominica with Lennox Honychurch can be a little disconcerting. If he’s driving, he stops every few minutes to give someone...

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