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Go wild | Round trip

Soaring mountains, rushing rivers and waterfalls, rainforests teeming with life, and savannahs stretching to the horizon — the Caribbean has so many amazing natural landscapes to explore. What better time to experience the life-giving adventures of the great outdoors?

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The Caribbean we love | Round trip

The world’s best beaches, stunning mountains, forests, and waterfalls, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine — there are many reasons the Caribbean is one of the world’s most desired tourism destinations. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought many travel plans to a halt, temporarily — but as lives gradually return to normal, it’s once again possible to plan for your dream vacation. When you’re ready to head out and experience the world, the islands of the Caribbean will be ready to greet you

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Anderson Peters: as far as it goes | Snapshot

When Grenadian Anderson Peters won javelin gold at the 2019 World Championships, it took observers by surprise. This was no overnight success, says Sheldon Waithe — but the product of steady hard work and staunch confidence. Now the young athlete is preparing for his biggest challenge yet at the 2020 Summer Olympics

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St George’s, Grenada | Neighbourhood

One of the Caribbean’s most picturesque cities, Grenada’s capital is full of historic architecture and stunning views — and is a growing centre of attraction for lovers of high-end chocolate

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“Just drive all around the island” | Personal tour

Artist Suelin Low Chew Tung offers a tour of her home island, Grenada, from beaches to hiking to the best place to buy local chocolate

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Calling the Caribbean

Sea Moon, on the Atlantic coast of Grenada, has a pretty name and a chequered history – sugar cane plantation, coconut grove, lime...

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Caribbean Christmas recipes

Christmas the Caribbean way As chill winds blow up here in the north, hastening the birth of Christ, everyone around me is happily browsing...

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