From family fun to adventure trekking and solo travel, the Caribbean has vacation options to suit every taste and wish. Photo by LightField Studios/

Issue 165 (July/August 2021)

In the latest issue of Caribbean Beat magazine, we showcase vacation options for every interest and taste, from family getaways in St Lucia to natural rejuvenation in Dominica to solo escapes in Curaçao. Meet four Caribbean athletes taking their Olympic dreams to Tokyo this July, learn why Grand Anse in Grenada may be the region’s most celebrated beach, and discover how an innovative institute at the University of the West Indies is changing how we think about traditional herbal remedies. Plus coverage of Caribbean music, culture, and more!



Known as guinep in Jamaica and chenette in Trinidad and Tobago, this popular fruit may offer a remedy for hypertension. Photo by Olga Popova/

Natural healing | Discover

For generations, Caribbean people have used local plants — leaves, seeds, roots, and more — for medicine. But scientific research into these folk remedies has lagged behind. At the University of the West Indies campus in Mona, Jamaica, the pioneering Natural Products Institute is working to change that, Erline Andrews learns

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Imagine an island with a reputed 364 more beaches like this one . . . Photo by DBImages/Alamy Stock Photo

Just for you | Round trip

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vacation. Everyone’s dream getaway is different. But whether you’re looking for family fun, a solo escape, or a romatic interlude, there’s somewhere in the Caribbean to lift your spirits and recharge your energy

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Eldric Sella Rodriguez. UNHCR/Jeff Mayers

Olympic dreams | Snapshot

The Caribbean’s established athletes will bear the task of bringing joy to the region — and the next generation have also been waiting for a year to make their own statement. Sheldon Waithe profiles four talented, eager, first-time Olympians seeking to be “Faster, Higher, Stronger” on the biggest stage of all

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