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There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vacation. Everyone’s dream getaway is different. But whether you’re looking for family fun, a solo escape, or a romatic interlude, there’s somewhere in the Caribbean to lift your spirits and recharge your energy

  • Imagine an island with a reputed 364 more beaches like this one . . . Photo by DBImages/Alamy Stock Photo
  • Life goes by fast on the zipline at St Lucia’s Rainforest Adventures. Photo courtesy St Lucia Tourism Authority
  • East of central Willemstad, the neighbourhood of Pietermaii is full of colourful historic houses converted into boutique hotels. Photo by Baarssen Fokke/Alamy Stock Photo
  • Pristine, mineral-rich water, clean forest air, and the embrace of nature — Dominica’s Emerald Pool offers natural therapy for body and soul. Photo by Emperorcosar/Shutterstock.com
  • The sun sets at the end of another romantic day at Castara Bay, Tobago. Photo by Coatesy/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for sun, sand, and watersports adventure . . .

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua’s fabled 365 beaches — one for each day of the year — are a magnet for young (and young-at-heart) sunseekers. The island’s warm, glistening surrounding sea and gorgeously windswept bays are the place to try ziplining or windsurfing, or — more sedately — paddleboarding and snorkelling. Tour the many islets off Antigua’s northeast coast on a catamaran cruise, explore the reefs and other undersea formations at Cades or Sunken Rock, and be sure to allow a day or two to just soak in the rays, with cocktail in hand and sunglasses firmly in place.

If you’re looking for family fun . . .

St Lucia

A holiday with kids in tow doesn’t need to be a challenge — especially not in St Lucia. Here you’ll find family-friendly beaches like Reduit (complete with a floating waterpark in mid-bay), fun history lessons at Pigeon Island, rainforest hikes to learn about tropical flora and fauna, and horseback tours along the picturesque trail to Cas-en-Bas. Kids and parents alike will never forget a beach picnic with the Pitons in the background, or the view through the treetops at one of the island’s ziplining attractions.

If you’re looking for a solo adventure . . .


Perhaps what you really need to recharge is some solitary time — or maybe you’re just one of those travellers who loves going it alone. Compact (at just thirty-eight by nine miles), easy to traverse, laid-back, and diverse, Curaçao is made for the solo traveller. In Willemstad, you’ll find historic architecture easily explored on a self-guided walking tour, plus trendy boutiques and cafés. You’ll have your pick of gorgeous beaches strung out along the west coast, some buzzing with activity and others almost deserted. When you want to stretch your legs, head to Christoffelpark, the island’s biggest nature reserve, with rare wildlife, exhilarating hikes, and even more exhilarating views. And when you’re finally ready for a bit of socialising, you’ll find friendly locals more than ready to chat — in English, Papiamentu, Dutch, or Spanish, as you please.

If you’re looking for natural rejuvenation . . .


The volcanic history that created the dramatic landscape of Dominica, with its sheer peaks and fertile soil, is also responsible for the dozens of hot springs across the island, some of which have been turned into thermal baths where you can soak in sulphur-infused water. Or give yourself a natural massage at one of the island’s many waterfalls, and allow the pristine cascade to pound your shoulder and back muscles into relaxation. Yet another form of natural hydrotherapy: float in the fizzy waters around Champagne Reef, where undersea vents cause the sea to literally effervesce.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway . . .


First honeymoon, second honeymoon, or just a chance to spend some time alone with your most special someone — Tobago is your ticket. Picture quiet bays along the leeward coast, sheltered by forested hills, where broad, sandy bays meet the brilliant blue sea. Wake to the calls of birds, breakfast with a view of the Caribbean Sea, while away the day dallying on the beach…. You’re in prime position to catch a flamboyant sunset, dine on a verandah surrounded by fireflies, then gaze at the stars while whispering sweet nothings. Tomorrow’s plan? Do it all over again.

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