Grand Anse, Grenada | Bucket list

These two miles of brilliant white sand on Grenada’s southwest coast might be the Caribbean’s most famous beach — for good reason

  • Looking down through the treetops to the sands of Grand Anse . . . Photo by Hugh Whyte courtesy
  • . . . and up at the brilliant blue sky. Photo by F1online Digitale Bildagentur GMBH/Alamy Stock Photo

Imagine the perfect beach scene from countless postcards, magazine spreads, and fond daydreams: a two-mile stretch of white sand, warm blue sea lapping gently, a bay dotted with small boats and a coast lined with coconut trees. For decades, Grand Anse has been the most popular of Grenada’s many beaches, and the reasons are obvious. To the north is a view of picturesque St George’s, nestled around the Carenage. To the northeast, the magnificent green hills of the island’s interior. Here on Grand Anse you’ll find luxury resorts next to modest guesthouses, all sharing a laid-back vibe that takes its cue from the gentle Caribbean Sea.

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