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Beauty and the Beast | Panorama

T&T Carnival may be the world’s greatest street party, but among the glamourous bikini bands and shimmering sequins, some traditional masquerades offer a defiant take on the darker side of our history

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The Beat goes on: Caribbean Beat turns 25

Caribbean Beat marks its 25th anniversary In early 1992, passengers boarding BWIA planes across the Caribbean, South and North America, and...

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The history of paradise: on Peter Minshall’s Paradise Lost

“What you wear is the work of art. You play it.” — Peter Minshall   It was the masquerade band that changed things, reshaping...

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Island Beat (April/May 2001)

Kites over Jamaica All over the West Indies, at Easter, the weather is fair and the winds are steady, the brilliant colours of poui and...

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Masman: Peter Minshall

It is the last Sunday in January, less than a month before Carnival 2006. At the headquarters of the Callaloo Company — in a World War...

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Peter Minshall: the dramatist

Peter Minshall, born 1941 “It is doubtful that the work of any single individual has had so instantaneous and so searing an impact on the...

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Bikinis, beads, braids

The story of the last half-century of Trinidad Carnival is a story of brilliant, ambitious, tireless men and women, striving to achieve...

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Caribbean Bookshelf (May/June 2013)

  What Things Are True, by Jackie Hinkson (Paria Publishing Company, 316 pp, ISBN 9789768054968) Tempting as it is to term this book...

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